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My name is Isabelle Florence Woollett but I just go by "Izzi".

I am a graphic designer based in the South West of England.

I studied Visual Communications (A.K.A. Graphic Design) at a Liberal Arts Institution in America called Truman State University in Kirksville, Missouri, U.S.A. 


I love working with both digital and traditional processes and have a wide range of capabilities that make up and enhance my designs; skills such as typography, illustration, animation, video editing, photography, printmaking, sculpture, painting and letter-press all come together to make me a well-rounded designer.


I love nature and generally being outdoors; it inspires my both my creativity and work. I am an enthusiastic and driven person - my goal for my design career is to be able to create work that will make a difference, raise awareness, have an impact on people and, most importantly, solve visual problems and provide creative solutions for my clients.

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